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Silence is complacency

Please note: the Social Justice email list you signed up with Arla Patch, now has the return address for the Coalition of Natives and Allies. Responding to that address will go to the four founders: Donna, Mona, Lynne and Arla


Lakota COVID 19 Check Point stand in solidarity


Greetings! CNA, is a coalition founded by two Indigenous women and two white women who strive to speak with a unified voice while acknowledging our different experiences of racial inequality and privilege. CNA is deeply saddened by the loss of people of color at the hands of law enforcement. We are fully committed to support the Black Lives Matter movement and all actions that will bring justice for every community that has suffered under a system that is biased and too often deadly. A distorted sense of superiority for white people has been a virus in this land since first contact with the Native peoples over 500 years ago. There is no room in today's society for silence or complicity to allow the continuation of systemic racism. Our intention is not to engage in a hierarchy of trauma but feel it important to bring awareness to the fact that Native people suffer an even higher rate of deaths per capita at the hands of the police than African Americans. Presently we are witnessing all people coming together in public, demanding equal rights and equal justice for the black community. Our hope is that all people will also extend their support to the lesser seen Native American populations on whose lands we live. Thank you for your ongoing caring, Donna Fann-Boyle Ramona Ioronhiaa Woods Lynne Azarchi Arla Patch


We acknowledge that we live and work on Lenape lands, Lenapehoking


Tony Ruth, 2019

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