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Academic Research

Online and Accessible Resources: List

The Real Impact of Native Mascots and Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth

Dynamics of Native American Mascot Endorsement

to an American Indian Mascot on the Tendency to Stereotype a Different Minority Group

Downloadable Resources

Kids Bridge Educational Program for Secondary Educational Institutions

Building Greater Understanding About Native American History in the
Context of
Native American Mascots

Doctrine of Discovery

Online and Accessible Resources: List

The Psychological Consequences of American Indian Mascots

Native American mascots as normative expressions of prejudice

How Do We Really Honor Native Americans?

The Truth About Thanksgiving

1948 UN Definition

of Genocide

News Articles

The Philadelphia Inquirer

"In Pennsylvania public schools, an ‘epidemic’ of Native American mascots and nicknames"


"The 2,128 Native American Mascots People Aren’t
Talking About"

Bleacher Report

 "Why Native American Mascots Should
Be Banned"

The New York Times

"Maine Just Banned Native American Mascots"

Chicago Tribune

"Will High Schools Drop Native American Mascots?"


"A R*dsk*n is the Scalped Head of a Native American [...]"

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