Ongoing Advocacy

According to the PA Youth Congress, there are still 64 race-based mascots within the Pennsylvania public school system. Despite recent changes within two districts, this remains an issue at large.

While CNA respects that many people have their own opinions on Native Mascots, reliable research proves the harm to both Native and non-Native students and adults. These mascots allow room for racial superiority and opens doors for discrimination and disrespect to other marginalized groups and peoples.


Student leaders, parents, alumni, community members, and tribal affiliates launched the campaign to “Retire the Raider” in Twin Valley School District last summer. All 5 schools promote the Indigenous “Raider” mascot, referring to the school community as a “tribe.” Those in favor of changing the mascot have been ignored and eventually denied the opportunity to speak directly with the School Board and District administration on the issue.

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For more information, keep up with us @RetireTheRaider on social media. Please email us at with any questions.

Since 2012, Neshaminy School District has fought to keep their race-based mascot despite direct complaints from Native Americans, including those with children in the district. In 2013, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission ordered the school to remove all names and imagery associated with the district. The Board President has since spent over $400,000 of taxpayer money appealing the ruling.


Alumni and community members of the SASD began the petition for discussion of the change of the district mascot, the R-word, in 2020. Statements from supporters of the movement have been given multiple times, but the board has not allowed appropriate time for discussion during meetings.


Take action by signing the petition below or sending an e-mail to Superintendent Dr. Jill Daloisio at or Board President Pete Quattrini at


Recent Victories

Radnor Retires Native Mascot, Name and Imagery

Unionville Unanimously Retires Native Name and Imagery

Allentown School District Votes to Remove Native Imagery and Nickname