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Request for Action from CNA

Two years ago, CNA supported the Susquehannock High School in their effort to end the use of their Indian Head mascot. Their name is Warriors and the students and graphic arts teacher worked hard to come up with appropriate symbols. The two new logos are below: one a school house on the left and another that is a non-Native looking arrow with a "W" on it.

You may have heard in the news that a new school board campaigned last fall, on the platform of bringing the Indian Head warrior back. Seven new school board members won on the promise of reinstating the Indian Head. On January 18th, they voted to bring back the Indian Head logo, 7 to 2.

25 citizens spoke in favor of NOT bringing the logo back, 3 spoke in favor of reinstating

During the public comments at the school board meeting, a Native American mother, whose children are in the school district and is herself an alumni, spoke clearly about the offense to her and her family of this logo. She expressed concern that the school district is not providing a safe learning environment for her children.

Additionally, she addressed the insult to Native people that a sacred pipe is depicted, one that is used in their ceremonies and spiritual practices. Her comments were completely ignored and they voted 7 to 2 to bring back the old logo. The two dissenting votes were the two school board members from the previous school board who had voted to end the use of the Indian Head.

It is more important then ever to pass our legislation in Pennsylvania to end the use of Native people for our entertainment in sports.

"Why is Native American culture the only minority that is not protected under school discrimination policies?" - a Native American mother

Asking you for some direct action:

Our bill is sitting in the Education Committee in the House.

It will help to thank those representative who co-sponsored the bill to keep the momentum going.

Please consider writing or calling these PA State Representatives who sponsored HB732, establishing grants to assist schools interested in updating mascots, logos, school and team names.

Rep. Ben Sanchez Abington: (215) 517-6800 Harrisburg: (717) 783-7619

Rep. Maureen Madden (570) 894-7905.

(Serves on the Education Committee)

Rep. Perry Warren Yardley: (215) 493-5420. Harrisburg: (717) 787-5475.

Rep. Emily Kinkead Bellevue: (412) 321-5523 Harrisburg: (717) 787-5470

Thank you so very much for your Advocacy!




We acknowledge Pennsylvania exists on the tribal lands of the Delaware Erie, Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Munsee, Shawnee and Susquehannock.

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