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Radnor and Unionville #ChangeTheName


The Coalition of Natives and Allies was contacted by both the Radnor and Unionville School Districts for support with their campaigns to end the use of Native American mascots in their schools.

We were honored to have offered interviews, guidance and general educational conversation to both students and administration alike. These school districts need to be commended for the openness, honesty and integrity with which they organized the process to consider their mascots.

In the time of a pandemic when schools are under great stress to determine how to open their schools, we are deeply grateful for these districts being role models by showing the rest of Pennsylvania how the moral core of a school is as important as any other part of the

education they are providing.

Our heartfelt thanks to Radnor and Unionville,

Donna Fann-Boyle

Ramona Ioronhiaa Woods

Lynne Azarchi

Arla Patch

Kimberly Firestine, Intern


STAY TUNED: We have been invited to present at a virtual TOWN HALL - NO HATE IN OUR STATE by the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission in the month of September.


Further information for your consideration: FINAL VOTE FOR RADNOR SCHOOL BOARD: "Life-long learners sometimes have to change their perspectives," said one school board member. This video is illuminating as the Radnor School Board talks about their reasons for their votes. SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: On July 30th, Green Amendments For The Generations Founder, Maya van Rossum talks with Native American activist Donna Fann-Boyle about the issue surrounding the use of Native American imagery in sports teams mascots and how that affects Native American well being. Watch the interview here: RECENT INQUIRER ARTICLE FEATURING DONNA FANN-BOYLE


We acknowledge that we live and work on Lenape Tribal territory known as Lenapehoking

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