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CNA to speak at board meeting against mascotry

Community members from two school districts have reached out to CNA concerning their community backlash for changing their mascots -- Susquehannock High School in Glen Rock, PA (Warriors) and Twin Valley High School in Elverson, PA (Raiders).

In the Susquehannock district, the backlash to keep the Warriors with their Native American imagery has created serious social media harassment against the minority students who are multicultural and Black. CNA has received screen shots that reveal images of the KKK, the use of the N Word, "slaves," "monkeys," "lynch a N*gg*r" with a hooded KKK image, "p*ssy ass liberals," "go back to where you came from," etc.



Neither district allows virtual comments during the meeting. Susquehannock does not allow comments from non-residents in person. Twin Valley does allow in person, 3 minute comments. It would be powerful to have CNA supporters show up to speak and show

support for positive change if you are able.

Twin Valley School Board meeting

Tuesday, February 22 at 6:30 PM,

4851 North Twin Valley Rd

Elverson, PA 19520


An email campaign, writing to both school boards is a way we can support the change. If the school boards never hear from those who support the change, the radical voices of continued disregard for Native Americans and other minorities goes unchallenged.




Susquehannock High School 7:00 PM (school board secretary)

Emails should be sent no later than 4 PM on the February 17th, the day of their meeting.

Twin Valley High School 6:30 PM (Gary McEwen, President)

Emails should be sent prior to the meeting on Tuesday February 22.

NOTE: To tune in to Susquehannock Board Meeting 2/17 copy and paste the following:

To tune in to Twin Valley Board Meeting 2/22 live stream, 15 minutes before start of meeting go to and click on School Board tab.

Twin Valley RAIDER mascot.


We acknowledge Pennsylvania exists on the tribal lands of the Delaware, Erie, Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Munsee, Shawnee, and Susquehannock.

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