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Cultivating Unity to End Racism.

CNA is a cross-cultural collaboration of Native Americans and allies who value cultural diversity and respect for all peoples.


Through education and advocacy, CNA aspires to teach the truth about Native American histories, modern day Native issues and bring awareness to the trauma caused by negative and archaic stereotypes used for sports mascots.


By highlighting the bias and prejudice these stereotypes cause, CNA strives to end the harmful use of Native American misrepresentation in schools.

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Coalition of

Natives and Allies

What You Weren't Taught in School

The Coalition of Natives and Allies presents the trailer for our film. This educational film has the arc of history with Native American peoples in the US told alongside three personal stories of the three Indigenous women in the Coalition -- Donna, Ramona, and Kelley.

Contact us today to arrange showing. Appropriate for grades 9 and older.



"I was moved, touched, grieving, and so deeply grateful to you, the speakers, the host, and for your willingness to educate us."
"True learning and healing happens when we can see the world through the eyes of others; when we can open our hearts and minds to the experiences of others and when we can truly feel what all humans have in common."

Barbara Simmons, Former Executive Director, The Peace Center; Adjunct Professor, International Peace and Conflict Resolution at Arcadia University

Armistead Webster, Head of School, The Swain School

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Donate below to the Coalition of Natives and Allies.

We seek to raise funds to distribute our film as widely as possible to accomplish our social justice goals of ending the use of Native peoples as sports mascots and helping both adults and youth learn what they weren’t taught in school. 

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