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COVID in Indian Country

Greetings! As is so often the case, Indigenous communities do not get the media attention they deserve. Native Americans are at very high risk during this COVID-19 pandemic due to systemic health disparities, poverty and even a lack of running water. The fact that the Navajo Nation is third in number of cases in the country behind New York and New Jersey, speaks to this and the ongoing factor of invisibility. PLEASE SEE TWO ARTICLES: - The first, finally a New York Times reporter drawing attention with a link on how you can support these efforts through Center for American Indian Health - What is happening in the largest Native community, the Navajo Nation 1. From the Center for American Indian Health News


2. Navajo Nation COVID-19 is spreading 9 times faster than neighboring Arizona, they have 2 ventilators for 17,000 people. Fifty-eight out of every 1,000 Native American households lack plumbing, compared with three out of every 1,000 for white people. Rep. Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) asked for 20 billion to be included in the support bills for Indian Country. The White House came back with ZERO. In the end they got 8 billion. A continued disgrace perpetrated by the settlers.


We acknowledge that we live and work on Lenape Tribal terrirory known as Lenapehoking

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