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CNA visits the PA Capitol

Kelley Petrilli Bashew (Dakota Sioux), Donna Fann-Boyle (Chocktaw/Cherokee), and Ramona Woods (Kanien’kehá:ka)

On June 15th, the members of CNA with our new member, Kelley (see photo above) and our Communications Director Kimberly (see photo below), were invited to the Pennsylvania State Capitol to meet the Speaker of the House.

Arla Patch, Kelley Bashew, Kimberly Firestine, Donna Fann-Boyle, Ramona Woods

We have started working with Representative Chris Rabb on two issues concerning Indigenous Peoples:

Land Acknowledgement and

Native American Mascots

Additionally, Rep. Rabb brought dozens of Representatives, both Democratic and Republican, out of chambers into the hall to meet and speak with us. We handed out this information sheet, giving a quick summary of some significant dates along with pointing out Ramona's grandfather who had been taken to a Canadian Indian Residential School.


MEET OUR NEW MEMBER: Kelley Petrilli Bashew

Kelley was born on the Lake Traverse Reservation in South Dakota. At three months she was adopted by a white family from Glenside, PA where she was raised. At the age of 50 she began looking for her Dakota Sioux birth family, only to discover that she was the second youngest of 9 siblings. She also reunited with her mother, now 95. Since meeting her family she has gone on a spiritual journey with them of what it means to be Native American.

Kelley has four children of her own and is a grandmother to one. Until she met her Native family, she had never met an Indigenous person.

We are so happy she has joined CNA and brings her unique perspective of having lived in both worlds.



Arden is a rising Senior at Unionville HS and was at the forefront of her high school's fight last year to change their mascot, the "Indians." After completing the New York Times summer academy program, she interviewed Donna and Arla for an article she wrote. We are delighted to have her with us.

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