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CNA speaks at Bellefonte Area School District meeting

Updated: Oct 31, 2023


With the overall awakening to racism in our country, many communities are reaching out to their school districts to change race based Native American mascots (Please see petition for Radnor High School below).

The Bellefonte, PA school's RED RAIDERS mascot prompted a petition by alumni and current students to change the name. They reached out to CNA (Coalition of Natives and Allies) for our support.

June 30th, three of the four of our founding members traveled to Bellefonte to speak at the school board meeting. RAMONA 9:20; ARLA 14:56; DONNA 34:29


SIGN THE PETITION TO CHANGE RACIST MASCOT FOR RADNOR SCHOOL DISTRICT Radnor School District is in Delaware County just outside of Philadelphia


~We acknowledge that we work and live on Lenape ancestral territory: Lenapehoking~

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