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CNA condemns racist mascots on display in Disney World

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

It is hard to believe that such blatant appropriation and disrespect is still being taught to our youth across the country. The Port Neches-Groves High School in Texas expresses their "Indians" mascot with headdresses, war paint and a fight song that yells "Scalp 'em!!"

Please join us in signing this petition to bring attention to this egregious promotion of disrespectful appropriate of Native culture and custom.

For more insight on this situation, please see the following articles. When they performed at Disney World, more attention was brought to the school's mascot portrayal. For the Disney performance they were asked not to wear the headdresses.


Another case of rampant disrespect of culture and peoples: Anderson High School, Anderson, Indiana has a pregame ritual using a "peace pipe" a Sacred Chanupa in Indigenous communities. Click the photo below to see a viral Tik-Tok captured by a community member.


We acknowledge Pennsylvania exists on the tribal lands of the Delaware, Erie, Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Munsee, Shawnee, and Susquehannock.

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Wonbon Yi
Wonbon Yi
Sep 05, 2023

Honestly, this is awesome. Nothing wrong with celebrating our culture, my mom would be proud the tables finally turned

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