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CNA and Chief of Delaware Tribe of Indians visit State Capitol

Indigenous CNA members Donna Fann-Boyle, Choctaw/Cherokee (far right) and Ramona Ioronhiaa Woods, Mohawk (second from right) were formally introduced to State Representatives at the State House in the Pennsylvania Capitol on Monday. Also introduced on the floor was Chief Jeremy Johnson (center) of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, who are the original Lenape people of Pennsylvania in diaspora, now located in Oklahoma.

Also pictured are Bryan Cutler, the Speaker of the House, (far left) and Representative Chris Rabb, (second from the left). Rep Rabb has been supporting CNA in our effort to end the use of Native American sports mascots, along with other initiatives.


As the research has continued to contend, acceptance of toxic stereotypes for one group encourages discrimination and stereotyping of other groups. Neshaminy High School has refused to consider changing their harmful Native American mascot the R*dsk*ns for 9 years since they were first asked. The culture of the school is being affected as they themselves indicate.

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